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Larisa Crockett

Photography is my passion… I have been doing photography as a hobby since I was a teenager. My dad used to teach me how a camera works and how photos can keep our memories alive. They will remind us of the things that our mind would forget, they will help us share our impressions of anything we had once, with others… My Dad encouraged me to travel and the best time for me was to come home with thousands of pictures and share everything I had seen with my dad. He would be very patient listening to my long stories. Then he would critique some of my shots and hint me how to improve them. He always appreciated the opportunity to look through my photos as he used to say that he felt as if he had traveled and seen all that himself. And for me it was very inspiring to bring home my Photo Report about where I had been to as I treasured those moments spent with my dad. And I keep doing that for all these years!

What is photography for me?

 It is like writing books, making speeches, or painting on the inspired theme. This is how I see the world and tell others about it. Photography helps me slow down in this hectic life and enjoy the beauty of anything I happen to be around.

All you need is any of these: a camera, an iPad, or a smartphone, together with your desire to learn!


I became friends with my camera when I was twelve. My dad gave me a nice camera (Zenith) for my Birthday.I was afraid to touch and break it, it looked too professional to me. My dad explained to me that all technologies are made for people to enjoy them, to enjoy the product they produce! So I was really intrigued but was dying to see the “machine” in action and what it is capable of! I overcame my fear thanks to my dad. He taught me how it operates. Besides teaching me the technical side of photography, I also learned that photos can keep our memories alive! Isn’t that wonderful? We can rely on this tool and record what we find beautiful, interesting and important and share all that with others

At about the same time, when I got my first camera on my Birthday, I was learning English and our teacher was demonstrating big colorful photographs of London Sights. My AWE reaction was obvious and I wanted to know those people who gave us a chance “to travel” without traveling! I thought how great it was to create something like those photos and give others a chance to see the world through your work! And I started dreaming that maybe one day my new camera will help my dream come true!

I always loved how by means of photography I am able to share the beauty of the world around me with others. As if all the viewers go on a trip with me and travel without actual traveling. By education I am a teacher and find myself comfortable teaching kids what I am passionate about!

Nowadays everyone takes pictures: on all kinds of cameras and of course cell phones, tablets, and IPads! It’s hard to imagine our lives without photos, isn’t it? So I was introduced to the world of photography when I was 12 years old and so grateful to my dad who taught me this amazing type of Art which I can’t live without and so willing to share my knowledge with you!

Kids are naturally curious and expressive. I am sure if a child learns photography, his curiosity and creativity can skyrocket!

What You Will Learn

In the first course of our school you will learn how to be creative with composition, framing your image. You will do a lot of fun activities on observance which will help you later on your photography journey!  Use your camera, phone , or iPad!

In the second course  — you will learn how to use a camera and the main settings to produce the best image!

The courses are created for your convenience with a constant interaction and a feedback after every lesson is fulfilled.



For kids
$ 80
  • in English


У детей
$ 80
  • на Русском

Customer Reviews

We love having our pictures taken by Larisa! She has the fabulous ability to make everyone smile and capture the pure joy of children! Her ideas are unique and fun. She makes getting family pictures taken enjoyable for everyone! We love her work!
Christina Syndergaard
FB February 7, 2021
Larisa has done an amazing job with Birthday, family, and senior photos for our family over the years. She makes every photo to be personal to you and your family. So many hidden talents this sweet lady has. I would highly recommend her for your photography needs.
Jonie Underwood Brennan
FB January 18 2021
Larisa has taken our family pictures for years as well as senior photos for our older children. She is always professional and helps us create pictures that capture our personalities. She is great at recommending different locations to help us avoid taking pictures at the same place each year.She does a great job of putting you at ease and has amazing patience when working with young children. We treasure the photos she has taken for us over the years and look forward to future ones to come.
Toni Penman Hendricks
FB March 8 2019
Larisa, thank you so much for once again taking our family’s photos. Your work and patience are amazing! You are a true artist and we appreciate you continuing to document our growing family. Thank you for your friendship and artistry!
Savannah Hommema
FB December 16 2017
Larisa did a wonderful job on our family portraits. These are the first family pictures we’ve been able to take with our son, so they are such a treasure! Thanks Larisa!
Olivia Zippi Bardsley
Larisa is a very talented photographer and amazing person. She captured not only beautiful pictures of our family, but also she was able to transfer happy and positive emotions which she helped us create with her wonderful personality. Thank you, Larisa, for helping us making memories of our family so special! Can’t wait for our next photography session!
Maryna Obykhvost
Ваши фотографии прямо как порция позитива, которую я жду всегда с большим нетерпением!!!!
Лариса Георгиевна, вы беспободны!!! Очень интересно было прочитать про ваше увлечение фото) хотя я знала от ваших мамы и сестры, что папа вам предложил это увлечение!!! Вы профессионал настоящий 💞
Thanks for sharing! Your photos make me feel like I have traveled the world over!
Sabrina Sexton
You have an incredible talent that I am insanely jealous of. I will most certainly be visiting your website often!
Fred Garcarczyk
Seeing the world through your eyes… It’s a beautiful place!!!
Mark Foran
A master Photographer with incredible talent for composition, lighting and capturing the subject with perfection!
Jules Schwab Sowder
Larisa, you are the most gifted, talented photographer I know. I am very pleased you are a part of our family!
Sheila Hommema
I have absolutely the best treasures from Larisa’s photography. She has captured my family in time. And this will be remembered to infinity. Life, colors, subjects are all formed into masterpieces that I will adore forever. Thank you, Larisa, for allowing us to see the beautiful world though your lens and your eyes!
Sandy Childers

Photography School - Larisa Crockett

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Photography School - Larisa Crockett